A region on the move

Economic power and tradition, nature, culture and education: the south alpine space plans to think and act beyond its borders. Its inhabitants have strong ties to their history and their region. However, they are also affected by their status as a borderland, and this is currently more true than ever before. Because the route towards stronger cooperation, progress and modernity requires cosmopolitan people, who overcome boundaries to find a balance between protecting their origins and encouraging a spirit of exploration. The knowledge of many generations combined with global expertise can create a powerful and promising whole.


This area has always produced many talented people, whose ideas have resulted in ground-breaking companies and projects. We share a way of life which involves coexisting with an unspoiled environment and conserving it with care. And which involves high social standards and living together in mutual respect. But there is room to achieve sustainable visions beyond our borders.

The south alpine space is taking its first steps towards a future that is both innovative and sustainable.