Economic hub

It’s all a question of location: the south alpine space is a good place for companies to base their businesses and to expand, not only within the Austrian – German – Italian triangle, but also into the rapidly growing markets of Eastern and South-eastern Europe. International companies have been successfully operating from here for many years. 

But the south alpine space is also something more: it is a place where innovative start-ups and young companies are actively encouraged. Forward-looking ideas receive economic and scientific support. 


Traditional well-established companies receive the same support as businesses that are just starting; the local economic development agencies, for example, act as promoters, partners and facilitators in this process.

The number of excellent, healthy businesses in the area prove that this system works. There are successful companies in the wood industry, and the technology, health and tourism sectors, which operate on a large scale and well beyond the borders of the region. Many of these are family businesses which become leaders in the market. This not only helps secure the future of long-term employees, but also leads to the creation of sustainable new jobs.


The people who live and work in our mountain environment have always had to use inventiveness and creativity to survive. This is still true for our artisan industries, which combine age-old traditions with cutting-edge technologies. But it also applies to the production of material goods and technical services. It is no coincidence that this southern alpine area is very advanced with regard to technology and natural resources. Local companies have introduced new materials and processing techniques to the market. Our unsung heroes work together to realise breakthrough ideas and innovative solutions, becoming leading players on the world market. In addition, our public interest bodies are aligned with social justice and with maintaining the biological and ecological balance of the region.  Take part in this creative, artistic and entrepreneurial activity in the southern alpine space. We are here for you.