The south alpine space is known for its good quality of life; those who leave here often return. On the other hand, people who come here often stay. Young people who have grown up in a varied and unspoiled environment are increasingly choosing to return home. And this is not just for the career opportunities. Their children also have access to modern schools and education. And although they are far away from impulse zones, younger children are still close to the nearest school. And of course, everyone is guaranteed comprehensive health care: hospitals and rehabilitation centres are easy to access. 


Everyone here can use flexible ways of travelling. The towns and municipalities in the Southern Alpine area have worked together to provide sustainable transport solutions, and are constantly expanding them. Public transport even extends to very remote places. People without their own car can make use of cheap and flexible local services. RegioTax, an electric car-sharing scheme and an extensive rail and bus network are widely used by both students and pensioners.


There is also great variety in terms of culture, leisure and local cuisine on both sides of the border. Theatre productions, concerts and markets, festivals, exhibitions and international sporting events all regularly take place. The natural environment provides a perfect setting for all those who enjoy hiking, mountaineering, water sports, mountain biking, horseback riding, ice skating, skiing or ski touring. The area offers you some great tastes: you can either enjoy traditional local dishes or fine Michelin-starred cuisine, made with the best ingredients from the south alpine area.