Brunico, a centre of alpine sports in the Val Pusteria

The town is situated in a huge basin, surrounded by high mountains, and is the main focus of activity in the Val Pusteria. Brunico. It combines a contemporary atmosphere and progressive approach with age-old values and traditions. This is reflected in the town’s architecture, culture and leisure activities, but also in the character of its inhabitants. For many centuries, it has been an important centre of trade and venue for markets. Nowadays, Brunico offers a variety of occupations: tourism, industry and the tertiary sector are the main engines of the economy. And here, as in all the south alpine space, start-ups and entrepreneurs are given support, to promote access to international markets and to improve the competitiveness of local businesses. Young people are offered a wide range of educational opportunities, from primary school level to university. And what is life like in Brunico? The attractive boutiques in the central street, the bakeries and cafés with outdoor seating, the colourful façades of the mediaeval houses and atmosphere of rustic charm are sure to make you feel really welcome.