Come & Stay

Promoting staying, coming and returning – this is what one part of the project “Alliance for the Development of the SOUTHERN ALPINE REGION” dealt with and produced guidelines for social groups, organisations and decision-makers in order to jointly enhance the topic of “staying and coming” across regions and to orient it towards the future.

The guidelines for the development of the SOUTHERN ALPINE REGION are starting with emotional driving forces (family, friends, landmarks, local values) and location factors.

With this goal in mind, four subject areas were promoted and worked on:

  • living,
  • working,
  • a culture of welcoming and appreciation, and
  • networking and communication.

The SOUTHERN ALPINE REGION should thus become an innovative and sustainable future-oriented region in Europe, which can serve as a role model for other border regions and create a new, regional, European and cosmopolitan awareness through cooperation on equal terms. However, this goal can only be achieved if many social groups, organisations and decision-makers take up this issue and participate.

The short form of the action guide can be downloaded here:


For the complete version of the action guide, please contact the Regional Management LAG Pustertal (