Alliance for the Development of the South Alpine Space (ITAT 3029)

The SAR project will establish a common basis for positioning and promoting the South Alpine Space. The matters of communication and strategic direction can then be managed in a sustainable way. The project aims to provide a shared response to the heated question of the future demographic, social and economic development of this cross-border mountain region… 

Kernarbeitsgruppe Süd Alpen Raum

The South Alpine Space has been slow to develop in recent years because it has not had access to the requisite human potential. Choosing a permanent place to live is influenced not only by this complex matter of positioning, but is also by emotional “driving forces”, such as family, friends, familiar landmarks and local values. The project involves both aspects: the driving forces and the factors linked to positioning. The aim of the project is to bring together the border areas of Carinthia, Tyrol, and South Tyrol with the cities of Spittal, Hermagor, Lienz and Brunico, in order to create a common presence/platform/brand. The project provides an organisational and strategic starting point for revitalising the South Alpine Space and making it future-oriented. 

The scheme is based on these strategic approaches: 

  • Clear positioning and promotion of the territory as a good place to live, in contrast to built-up areas such as Bolzano, Innsbruck or Klagenfurt. 
  • A concentration on at least 3 issues, to be jointly pursued along the main Spittal/Hermagor – Lienz – Brunico axis route. In this way, issues such as higher education, mobility or value-added networks can be worked on together, or presented in the future. 
  • Joint preparation of the “Stay and Come” topic (key word: human potential). The focus will be on the Spittal/Hermagor – Lienz – Brunico axis route. This provides the best transport links and systems. 

The partners in the project are the East Tyrol Regional Management and the LAG (Local Action Group) of the Val Pusteria Regional Management.

Associated partners in the project include the four cities of Lienz, Brunico, Spittal an der Drau and Hermagor, together with the following six LAGs: Hermagor Region LAG, Nockregion Oberkärnten LAG, Großglockner Mölltal-Oberdrautal LAG, Alto Belluno LAG, Open Leader LAG and Euro Leader LAG.